No Budget, No Pay – No Deal

The DC establishment power players cheered the passing of pure garcinia cambogia garcinia cambogia diet No Budget, No Pay this year.  free bingo So much so that they are now calling for a No Budget, No Pay bill that effects the pay of become a real estate agent Obama’s budget staff1.

Really this would get at the crux of the problem as the President is vine online actually the elected official responsible for proposing a budget; congress buy vine likes is only meant to vote on this budget fantasy football for money

However, this bill is completely insipid even outside Long Island SEO of the misrepresented constitutional  paradigm central to the bill.  Congress members, both Senators and Representatives, who have been in DC for a long time have already lined their pockets.  What do they care about missing a few pay checks?  But for the new hgh product Agen sbobet rabble-rousers, sent to spark a change, they may feel the sports uniforms canada impact of this bill disproportionately – at least in the near term

Ultimately, all our congressional players will be paid, it is only a matter of when 2.

It is, therefore, explainer video company only more hype from Washington without tangible results

While the initial bill seemed likely to prompt Congress to act on their constitutional mandate to pass a budget, it is not likely to have that effect.  This bill is actually Recover lost data party bus rates a misnomer

The Congress will christian dating Cricket Games Online web design houston either be paid their full back pay upon the successful passage of a budget or after the 113th Congress ends.  gold ira companies Their instrumental beats novoline money is escrowed for the time being

Underlying this apparently positive bill is piano tiles hack Online Sportsbook the recurrent theme that mmorpg games Congress is unable to fix any problem it sets about to mitigate.  Also, that by trying to enforce one of their constitutional mandates, the Congress is tiptoeing near, but not quite around, their other constitutional condition to not adjust their own pay within the current term3.  (That obligation is outlined prediksi bola in e cigarettes Canada the 27th amendment.

If Government is the problem, will adding more government solve where to meet women the problem le boncoin